Something About Lola – Lyrics The Best Part Of Writing A Song Is To Named It

Posted: Februari 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

We’re off of the same old things
Never looking back to the good ol’ days
Seeking out another path of dreams
Crossing through the millions Roman’s ways

We’re stand up for honesty
But first time they met: nobody would ever listened to me!!!
Set time machine,pull back the memory
You’re the best gift ever to me
And it takes so hard to let it go

You’re: my favourite December
And I’m: January but we’re both on the same calendar
Take a time,change for attire
They already gone
And they already gone

  1. gian berkata:

    makasih atas liriknya.. bagus baget
    boleh minta chord guitar nya sekalian gak??
    atau minta llink nya aja dh,,

    terma kasih

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